Palmiye Toronto

Unique and distinctive designs come to life

Bioclimatic Aluminum Pergolas

Flexible and compact design

Fabric Retractable Pergolas

Clean and modern design

It's all about Fashion Durability Expression

We are proud to present our New Exclusive Fabric Collection which will reduce the concept of Retractable Pergolas.

The aluminum rotating louver roof pergola is designed to last a lifetime. As a bio-climatic canopy, the Palmiye all season pergola provides perfect protection from sun and rain with variably inclining aluminum louvers

Aluminum rotating louver roof

The motorized roof consists of rotatable aluminum panels. Palmiye’s revolutionary design allows the panels at any angle up to 120 degrees seamlessly manner.

Our Award winning products

Palmiye’s wide range of products meets the different needs of the outdoor area covering. Palmiye creates areas where you can use at your business even in the winter and autumn seasons just as spring and summertime.

Retractable Pergolas

Expand your outdoor areas for year round use &nbsp

Bioclimatic Pergolas

Panels at any angle up to 120 degrees, perfect for all climates

Glass Systems

Fit with any type of architecture, classic or modern&nbsp

Awning Systems

Operated with steel guide wires, manually or with a remote

Our Mission

Our products are not just unique; they make the best in the pergola industry. We have a range of products from the residential pergola to commercial pergolas and windproof pergola. We stand out because we put a lot of research into the making of our products. Thus, giving our clients a sense of belief, security, and trust in their best interest.